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With Vertical SBX you get quick and easy to set up, the Vertical SBX the scalability to accommodate up to 48 users and lets you network up to 72 sites. Thousands of small businesses worldwide already enjoy SBX IP’s big- business benefits, such as:

  • Uniform call distribution, including call center functionality, agent wrap-up and supervisor functions
  • Hands-free Park and Page to hold calls while paging the recipient, rather than directly going to voicemail or utilizing the receptionist
  • Multi-party conferencing for up to three groups and/or 15 parties
  • Multiple tenant groups so you can partition groups by department
  • Optional voicemail with integrated auto attendant for professional greetings
  • Softphone capability lets mobile workers use a PC as a full-featured phone
  • Hot desking
  • Web-based Active X phone client
  • XTS digital phone support
  • Linked pairs allows a station to pair with another station and appear as a single extension number (SBX IP supports up to 13 pairs)
  • EZphone desktop call manager lets users power dial, manage conference calls and simply double-click to call a contact
  • One-touch call recording for more accurate customer orders, compliance initiatives and training
  • Availability of door box with call button for office/warehouse/residential applications
  • CTI with Microsoft® Outlook™ address book integration (via EZphone application)
  • Simple system administration via PC software, digital phone, modem, or LAN
  • Detailed SMDR reporting integrates with accounting and other management applications
  • VoIP ( SIP) trunking reduces expenses and provides flexibility
  • Easily network with Vertical MBX IP platforms

Offer valid while supplies last

Spring Means Green!

Promotion Terms Conditions

Promotion available to all certified Vertical Summit dealers.

  • Offer valid on all orders for promotional part numbers as stated above placed and shipped from dealer’s distributor between April 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018.
  • Proof of purchase of Vertical Summit™ and Summit 800 product required to qualify. Fax invoice to Kathy Budrick at 480-374-8851 or email Please indicate the phone model that you would like to receive as part of this promotion in your fax or email.

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Part Number Description
VS-5000-8VU24 Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with 8 9224-00 HD 24-Button Phones
VS-5000-3VU24 Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with 3 9224-00 HD 24-Button Phones
VS-5001-PRI Basic KSU 0COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM, 1 PRI Interface Card
VS-5000-3VU24F Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with (3) 24 button 9224F phones FD
VS-5000-8VU24F Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 16hr VM with (8) 24-button 9224F phones FD
VS-5000B-3VU24F Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, 4port 1hr VM with (3) 24 button 9224F Phones FD
VS-5000B-8VU24F Basic 4COx8Dx4S, Eight 9224F 24 button PKG; 4Cox8Dx4S 4port 1hr VM, (8) Edge 9224F 24 Btn Phones FD
VS-5000B-8VU24 Basic KSU 4COx8Dx4S, Eight 9224 24Btn PKG: 4COx8Dx4S 4port 1hr VM, (8) Edge 9224 24-Button Digital Phones
Part Number Description
VIP-9820-00 10 Button IP Phone w/LCD PoE LLDP-MED / 802.1x security s
Part Number Description
VS-5537-128 Summit 800 VoIB Port $1400
VS-5591-DTIB Summit 800 DTIB Pkg BKSU/PSU/LCOB12/DTIB24/MPB 6 ea D+S $1600
VS-5591-SLIB Summit 800 SLIB Pkg BKSU/PSU/LCOB12/SLIB24/MPB 6 ea D+S $1600
VS-5591-PRI Summit 800 PRI Pkg BKSU/PSU/PRIB/MPB 6 ea D+S $1800
Part Number Description
VS-5000-RM 19″ Rack Mount Bracket
VS-5001-00 Basic KSU (BKSUIDPKG) 0COx8Dx4S, 4 Port 16hr VM, 2 VoIP Ch
VS-5030-00 Modem Unit (MODU)
VS-9007-SB Spare Battery for Summit DECT Handset
VS-5032-98 DECT Base Station
VS-5032-99 Channel DECT Interface Board
VS-5002-00 Expansion KSU 4 COx8H
VS-5035-00 PRI Interface Board
VU-9248-DSS Edge 9200 48 Button DSS
VS-5080-02 Edge 9800 24 Button DSS (vip-9820/9830, VU-9224/9240)
VU-9048-DSS Universal 48 Button DSS
VIP-9824-DSS Edge 9800 24 Button DSS (vip-9820/9830, VU-9224/9240)
VS-5532-04 4 Port DECT Interface Board (WTIB4)
VS-5532-08 8 Port DECT Interface Board (WTIB8)
VS-5507-70 Summit 800 IP WIFI Handset
VS-5500-99 Wall Mount Bracket for KSU
VS-5500-01 Summit 800 Expansion KSU
VS-5500-80 Voice Mail Interface Board (VMIB)
VS-5531-04 4 LCO Interface Board (LCOB4)
VS-5531-08 8 LCO Interface Board (LCOB8)
VS-5531-12 12 LCO Interface Board (LCOB12)
VS-5532-12 12 DKT Interface Board (DTIB12
VS-5533-12 12 SLT Interface Board (SLIB12)
VS-5537-24 Summit 800 VOIB 24 Port